As most of you know, home burglaries are on the rise. Criminals are also getting smarter by cutting the electricity and phone lines to prevent the alarm from going off. In an effort to deter this activity, stickers are now available to warn burglars that even if the power and phone lines are cut, the alarm will still sound.

Place them on your breaker box. phone line box, alarm signs and windows to make the criminals think twice before cutting the lines. Please be aware that this cannot be guaranteed to prevent a burglary, but it certainly may help! Even if you do not have battery or cell phone back-up, or even an alarm system,the criminals do not know it.

The stickers measure 3 inches by 5 inches and are made of vinyl and are for outdoor usage.


1 - $5.00,   2 - $8.00m   3 -$10.00     

$2.00 for each additional 

Shipping and tax included.

Payment may be made through paypal via credit card (, email address for paypal is or just send me an email and I'll send you an invoice, or a check  may be mailed to:

Alarm Stickers

Craig Escude

2115 Sheffield Drive

Jackson, MS  39211

Call 601-594-4901 or 601-362-6689 for more information.

Please include the quantity and shipping address with your order.

STICKERS are available for immediate shipment.

Please note: There is no guarantee that this sticker will in any way prevent a break-in.